Video Advertising Short Training

Our training will make you a skilled aesthetic editor skilled to create a better advertisement product by gaining working experience. This training will help you use Adobe premiere pro and Adobe After effects and will open a strong freelancing and business domain for you in multiple industries.

Course Outline For Digital Marketing

2 Month
4 Days
52 – 56
  • Environment and tools
  • Fundamentals of Video
  • Video formats and principles.
  • Animated video advertisements.
  • Visual storytelling
  • Freelancing / outsourcing


  • Total fee for the training is Rs 16,000/-
  • Registration fee is Rs 1,500/-
  • Student must maintain at least 80% attendance or else he/she won’t be able to attend Freelancing training.
  • The certification will only be done after the completion of full training.
  • Class participation and assignment submission will be counted and updated at our online skill verification portal.